Excellent Resource on The Federal Deficit for High School Classrooms

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February 8, 2010

This New York Times article from Sunday, February 7, 2010, “Cut, Snip, Slash, the Deficit Is a Hardy Survivor” by Jackie Calmes, struck me as an excellent resource for high school teachers to use to explain the current controversy about the projected 2011 federal deficit and how to lower it.

A Huge Deficit Would Remain...

This article does a good job of graphically presenting the scale of the projected federal deficit as well as the components of the deficit itself. Teachers can help students also understand the size of these elements relative to the whole deficit. Because of it’s easy to comprehend prose and graph, teachers can use this article as a springboard to have students undertake a cost/benefit analysis of the various proposed cuts.

I am looking forward to the reactions of teachers who use it in their classes. Thanks.

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  1. Chester Cheesewright :

    A beautiful graph. It makes you wonder why no one has ever done it. This cuts to the chase and reveal so much more than the interminable political arguments dished up on the evening news and talk radio.

    I have one question, though. Do the deficit reductions for Medicare and Social Security assume that the revenue from Medicare and social security taxes will continue?

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