Obama to GOP: Debt ceiling should not be part of “fiscal cliff” strategy

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Washington Post, December 5, 2012

The standoff between President Obama and the Republicans in Congress continues, with some (including Lindsey Graham of South Carolina) saying that we are headed for the cliff. Polls show most Americans would blame the Republicans if that happened. Republicans are looking for options that would allow them to get some of what they want.

Ask students to read the Washington Post article and refer back to the chart and timeline they made in response to the blog on history in real time. Even without a timeline, students can reconcile this article with how the New York Times tracked events through 11/25.

From the Washington Post article: “President Obama on Wednesday slammed suggestions that Republicans could allow upper-income tax cuts to expire now only to use the nation’s debt limit as leverage to push for new concessions next year. In a meeting with leaders of the nation’s biggest businesses, the president said firmly that he would not allow the nation’s borrowing to again be used as a negotiating point in the nation’s efforts to tame its debt. … Senior Republican aides have confirmed in recent days that House GOP leaders are looking for a way out if they cannot reach a budget deal with Democrats, including linking the deal to the debt ceiling. In one scenario, the House would take up a Senate-passed bill that would extend the Bush-era tax rates for the middle class and have Republicans vote “present,” forcing Democrats to pass the bill alone and take the blame for letting taxes rise on the rich. The two sides could then take up the fight over spending cuts again in a few weeks.”

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